What is EP?

EP is software to search patent feeds for patents

patent feeds are available for free - so, you download the feed, search it for patents based on your criteria, and produce printable summaries out of the search results

What does community based mean?

we enable users to process feeds; during the processing all documents are being reformated in the form suitable for easier search, and than searched; as community service, all reformated documents are posted to our cloud storage, and other users are able to use these; so - the deal we propose is: you can process all documents for free, and the only thing you do for this, is to post all reformated documents to us

Privacy concerns

Q: would you know what document we have found?

A: we do not; when working with feeds, you send ALL poblished feed documents to us; e.g. you send us ALL reformated applications published by USPTO in a specific week; when yoou do the search, it is done local on your machine; we do not know neither what have you searched for, nor what documents have you found

How to try the software?

software is for Windows 10; you click start button, go to menu “Microsoft store”, than look there for Enigma Patents app, install it, and use